For transporters of overweight and oversize cargos

Engineering services

Adequate knowledge of the truck and trailer combination is the foundation of all technical calculations. Vehicle surveys are generally done in two different ways:

a) Based on vehicle documents from manufacturer (e.g. Certificate of Conformity of new vehicles, loading diagram, drafts)

b) OR based on an agreement with the owner, our expert assesses the fundamental technical data of the truck and trailer at the owner’s site. (Survey may be significantly simplified by the data made available by the vehicle manufacturer or dealer. Cooperation of the owner during communication with the vehicle manufacturer/dealer is essential.)
All relevant data are recorded in our vehicle database. Registration at ALC is done.

Technical evaluation of truck and trailer combination and different calculations are possible from this point.

Your fleet is a primary resource of your company. As a confirmation of our commitment to protecting your data we sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Oversize and overweight transportation requires a towing truck different from that of normal transportation. We are thoroughly checking all relevant technical data of the towing truck. If it is necessary, we will propose an optimum configuration.

The design of the required semi-trailer should be aligned to make the best possible use of road fee reductions available under Decree no. 36/2017 (IX. 18.) of the Minister for National Development. We are thoroughly checking all relevant technical data of the semi-trailer. If it is necessary, we will make a recommendation to the manufacturer/dealer for the engineering design of the main components.

We compare the combination of a semi-trailer of ordinary technology and its towing truck with the combination of a state-of-the-art semi-trailer including the latest design and its truck. Please note that vehicles available from stock are usually built using ordinary technical solutions. A vehicle of the latest design is usually delivered with a longer lead time. We can exactly foretell the potential savings you can make on the overweight fee with a technical solution. You can consider how many turns your truck and trailer combination makes a year and the distance you have to pay for. This clearly enables you to evaluate the return on investment of a sophisticated and more expensive design and the date when it starts to earn you profit.
The computing accuracy we can provide is similar to that of a factory software or configurator.However, we are sure that no factory software takes into consideration the Hungarian and German regulations for special transportation like ours does. We are specialising in this field.

We are interconnecting the world of technical regulations at the authority and the real-life needs of special transporters.

The technical capabilities of a special transport vehicle may be best utilized through a registration with exceptional permit. Hungary’s National Transport Authority (NKH) provides opportunity for registration with alterations from the provision of Decree no. 6/1990. (IV. 12.) of the Minister of Transport, Communications and Construction including the terms of ordinary vehicle registration.

We undertake to fill in the official application form for the exceptional permit if either the truck or the semi-trailer of the vehicle combination is selected and ordered.

With the help of our subcontractor, the registration and technical examination of the vehicle will take place at an appointed time.

Feel free to contact us if you plan to register and licence a vehicle purchased in another EU member country. We suggest that you consult us before paying any deposit. It will even be better if you see us before your procurement journey.

We are happy to respond to unique requests for overweight and oversize vehicle combinations. If you have not found the service you need among those listed on this webpage, please feel free to contact our expert via email or on the phone.

Web based services

You may calculate the expected costs of road permit before you prepare your quote for your customer.

You type in the parameters of the goods to be shipped and add your idea of the loading position. We calculate the axle loads and axle group loads. Please note that a precise calculation is only possible using accurate input data.

With the computed results you may apply for the right road permit before actual loading. The road permit is just about what the weigh in motion system will measure. (You do not have to reposition the load or apply for a new permit after the weigh in motion control point. Unexpected costs are avoidable.)

The truck and trailer combination and the load to be shipped are classified according to the requirements of Decree no. 36/2017 (IX. 18.) of the Minister for National Development based on procedure type (simplified or special) and degree of alteration (small, large, very large and extreme). We determine the official timespan within the road permit may be granted.

What do you want to optimise for?

Minimized cost? You get our proposal for load positioning to achieve minimum road permit cost. (e.g. in the case of 5 axles and a total combination weight of 44t, the overweight fee starts from 300HUF/km and may reach up to 2100HUF/km – depending only on the load position.)

Equalized vehicle loading? We propose the best possible load positioning to achieve a uniformly utilized load-bearing capacity. (Longitudinally well-balanced vehicle combination. Consistent vehicle wear and tear and tyre wear. In most cases, this can be requested together with the above-mentioned optimization for minimized cost.)

Permit granted within the shortest time? (Load positioning according to shortest completion time can be achieved only in specific instances. In most cases, it cannot be combined with optimization for minimized cost.)

Depending on your choice from the above optimization options, this computing service provides the transporter with a ready-to-print loading plan including the sketch of the truck and trailer combination, sketch of the load and load positioning dimensions. The axle load and axle group load data are also indicated (as this service includes axle load computing).

Handle one task only once.

We calculate it, we can get it for you. We apply for road permit at road maintenance authority MK Nzrt. (We act as your assigned agent at MK NZrt. as per Sections 16 to 18 of Decree no. 36/2017 (IX. 18.) of the Minister for National Development).